Business design

Business design focuses on discovering and understanding the user and context needs within the business model, in order to rethink its future and transform it into new value opportunities.

Service design

SX design comprises the complex system of interactions and behaviors that exist between people in relation to spaces, products, objects, and platforms in order to create new satisfying and relevant relationships.

Brand design

Brand design enhances the most valuable and intangible asset of your organization. We create or rediscover brand potential through a robust strategy process that inspires, attracts, and engages people.

Five opportunities to design the future®

We partner with game changers for the five stages of a business.


A big new idea. Something great that will change the world, be it a start-up, a new product or a service.


Scale-up, go into new markets, invest in new categories, mergers, and acquisitions.


Something changes externally. Adapt to new perspectives and redefine your value.


Reinvent your business. Redefine the value proposition and shift to benefit your consumers. Design a new strategy.


Design new paths, define meeting points, be present, stay closer. Create relevant experiences.


Business design

+ Business Ecosystem Analysis
+ Value Proposition Design
+ Business Model Strategy
+ Consumer Knowledge
+ Business Positioning
+ Culture & Organizational Design
+ Product and Service Design
+ Portfolio Architecture
+ Business Concept Development

Service design

+ User Behavior Analysis
+ Interactions Roadmap Design
+ Design Principles
+ Product research
+ Channel and Touchpoints Design
+ Hospitality and Interior Design
+ User Experience Design
+ User Interface Design
+ Employer Experience

Brand design

+ Brand Analytics
+ Brand-led Strategy
+ Brand Architecture
+ Brand Perception
+ Brand Design
+ Naming and nomenclature system
+ Brand Voice Identity
+ Brand Expression
+ Go-to-Market strategy

About Us

We are a strategic design consultancy firm that brings together innovation, unconventional ideas, and concept creation to design better businesses.
We are HyperBrand. We are a hybrid team of researchers, strategic designers, architects, and creators that works with a heightened sense of visual literacy and a strong design foundation to create value.
The new cultural scene and the psychology of shareable moments drives everything. From digital interactions to interior design, from branding to architecture. The real “takeaway” in the customer’s journey is the experience.
As business designers, we discover new ways to reimagine the future of brands, organizations, culture, and society.


We partner with game changers – those idealists, visionary leaders, and innovators that want to change the world.

Together, we design the future.

Clients, brands and extraordinary people.


Un año inesperado y sin precedentes.

El año 2020 ha marcado un antes y un después en la sociedad contemporánea, no solo en México, en todo el mundo; pero hablando específicamente de nuestro país, podemos afirmar que lo que se esperaba para el 2021 hace un año no es lo mismo a lo que en este momento...

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El lado paralelo del diseño

Los inicios del design thinking se remontan a los años 60’s con el término creative engineering, pero para ser más precisos el término ya comenzaba a acuñarse en los años 80’s a los 90’s. Sin embargo, hablar de design thinking no es hablar solamente de un término de...

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